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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Mixing equipment selection
1. Main Material Name and Proportion: ; Molecular formula: ;Other accessories name and ratio:

2.The bulk density of the main material; kg/m3;True density: kg/m3; PH value:

3. The particle size distribution of the material: Mm (mesh) to Mm (mesh); proportional content ≥ %;
 Among them: Maximum size: Mm (mesh); bulk density kg/m3;Proportional content ≥ %
 Minimum particle size Mm (mesh); bulk density kg/m3;Proportional content ≥ %

4.Material moisture content: %: Angle of repose

5. Material flow: good ,general ,difference ; Sticky: strong sticky ,general ,weak
 Cohesion: strong ,Still can ,difference ;Wettability: Good ,Still can ,difference

6. Yield: Kg / batch ( T / day)

7.Feeding form: artificial ,vacuum ,Vortex pump ,Hoist ,Silo

8.Production mode: continuous , gap , Batch / day

9.Requires uniformity of finished product: % ;The purpose of the request:

10.Whether a single batch of material is mixed after the need for a complete transfer to other parts of the packaging:    Yes ,No

11.Do you want to add liquid during the mixing process: Yes ,No

12.Material requirements for equipment:

13.Dust emissions or environmental requirements for equipment:

14.Equipment cleaning and hygiene requirements:

15.Budget investment for optional equipment (RMB): Million yuan

16.other requirements:
Code :


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