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Annual production capacity exceeding 100 million yuan

Corporate culture is the spiritual power of enterprise development, is the basis of business personality. Shengman drying in the process of growth and development, attaches great importance to and continue to strengthen the building of enterprise culture, established the following distinctive characteristics of the core corporate culture:
First, the "customer satisfaction" for the enterprise-oriented pursuit and continue to create the greatest satisfaction of users, is our efforts and pursued the core objectives. We must firmly establish the concept of service and quality awareness, and comprehensively enhance the quality of service and quality level.
Second, depending on the "learning and innovation" for the development of enterprise core dynamic knowledge of the rapid update, the rules of changing new economic conditions, to create an efficient and innovative learning team is the fundamental weapon of the enterprise market to win. To the full publicity "learning for the source, innovation for the first" concept of the advantages of creating innovative learning environment and conditions to the concept of innovation as the basis, and constantly strengthen the technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation.
Third, always keep "pioneering" business mentality Whether in any condition or any process, always maintain the positive attitude of success, the courage to open up, hard work ahead, the future and development of enterprises with full confidence and perseverance perseverance.
Fourth, fully highlight the "pragmatic rational" style of building enterprises is "doing" out, not "sit" out. Always stressed the principle of the supremacy of action, is the core strength of enterprises bigger and stronger; fully implement the rational style of doing things, is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy growth of enterprises.
Fifth, a high degree of concern "target results" vigorously promote the performance of the full culture of the goal must be a guideline, emphasizing the results of the supremacy. Maintain the consistency and validity of the goal and the results, and ensure the goal of the enterprise objectives, and realize the effective unity of the enterprise objectives, the departmental goals and the individual goals. To performance as a benchmark, with performance as an evaluation of enterprises, departments, an important basis for personal values.

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